Cooking Matters

On of my great passion is cooking. When I moved to California in 2002 I could not cook eggs. I really knew nothing about cooking and about food in general. I started by cooking out of the Weight Watchers cookbooks (I still do!). Later on learned to thin out recipes that I liked in other less weight-friendly cookbooks. The idea was at first to lose weight and then maintain a 70 lbs weight loss. I’ve been at it for over 10 years now and it was getting a little less exciting… and then I got a new job! Now that I work for the CUESA and am present at all 3 markets every week, I’m getting a second wind with seasonal cooking. I buy produces (and quite a few other things) at the Farmer’s Market and am learning to live by the seasons. I thought it would be very limiting but I am getting used to it and totally love it!
I am not a cook or any kind of “food professional”. I see myself as a food nerd who loves to learn and try things out. I’m also extremely anti-extremes. Absolutism turns me off because I feel like drawing a line in the sand is the best way to fall over that line. I try to eat sustain-ably farmed foods, that are minimally processed and as healthy as can be. This being said sometimes convenience wins. Taste too!

Finally I’m not vegan, gluten free, fat free, paleo or whatever else is in vogue at the moment. Balance, moderation in all things that’s what I try to live by. Ok, enough with all this, lets get to the recipes. Most of the recipes are mine, there are a few that I’ve gotten somewhere else and used so much over the years that I could not not share them. I’ve tried to give full credit to the owner of the recipe (and ask permission when I could) if you find a recipe there that is not properly credited please let me know!

My Recipes: These are recipes that I put together myself that I really enjoyed.

Borrowed Recipes: These are recipes that have become regulars in our place but that I did not put together myself.

Kitchen Mad Scientist: This is when I go in the kitchen and decide to experiment. So fun!

So there you have it! That’s my cooking post all together. Let me know what you think!

Happy Cooking!

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